Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Zip Bag 12 Pcs 20x22 Busy Structure

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Normann Copenhagen Zip Bag 12 Pcs 20x22 Busy Structure

In the Daily Fiction universe of exquisite day-to-day design pieces only the imagination limits your creativity. With an uncompromised attention to details, color and prints, the personal style is more in focus than ever before. Inspired by the world of fashion and interior design, Daily Fiction adds style to your home office. Get organized in a fashionable sense with the Paper Clamps or metallic colored Paper Clips, and keep your love letters and important documents in the terrazzo-printed Binder. Daily Fiction is more than fashionable office accessories. A glossy finish and eye-catching gold details make you want to carry the Envelope Folders with your everywhere, adding new dimensions to your personal style.
Playing with geometrical shapes, metallic versus soft fabric materials, rich color tones, prints and subtle pastels, will encourage your creativity. Create the daily story that suits your personality.
Re-sealable plastic bags. Approved for food. Sold in a roll with 12 pcs. The Normann Copenhagen logo is printed in gold foil.
Size & Weight:
H: 20 x L: 22 cm 

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