Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Reflect Mirror Small 32cm Rose

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Designer Alessandro Busana has created a mirror for Normann Copenhagen with a simple expression and elegantly rounded corners. The mirror has a handle, which makes it easy to move around, and a back-stand for easy positioning.

Alessandro Busana is fascinated by rounded shapes and exploits this to the full in his designs. His passion for adding unanticipated details to simple designs is also evident. The rounded handle adds a certain dynamic to the mirror without compromising its clean lines.

Alessandro Busana says: "A mirror is typically fragile and static. I wanted to make an unconventional mirror, which was both sturdy and safe to move around. The object was to make it ‘easy’ in all ways. Easy to use, easy to move around and easy to place anywhere in the home. It also had to be beautiful to look at from all angles."

Reflect comes in two different sizes in white, grey and rose. The colors nicely emphasize the soft shape of the mirror. It can for example be used as a make-up mirror, on a chest of drawers in the hallway or on your bedside table.

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