Normann Copenhagen Nutcracker Red

Designer: Normann Copenhagen

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Traditional nutcrackers can be a regular pain in the fingers. The Normann Copenhagen Nutcracker is a modern redesign that eliminates nutcracking discomfort with its smooth, comfortable grip. Within the semi-rigid loop of colored silicone are lengths of aluminum with teeth and curves that can grip and crack nuts of all sizes.

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish designer and manufacturer of high-quality modern home accessories, kitchen tools, glassware, tableware, furniture, lighting and more. Guided by the basic tenets of Scandivanian design, Normann Copenhagen offers a large array of products that feature a minimum of superfluous lines and regular use of natural materials. These pieces are further distinguished by modern bursts of color and functionality that is at once fresh and unique, yet uncomplicated and accessible.

Goes back to original shape after nut is cracked
Silicone, aluminum
Dishwasher safe
Width 3.03", Height 7.56", Depth 0.79"