Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Meta Bowl Ø 24 Silver


Like small futuristic, colorful gleams from another world, the Meta bowls add sophisticated bling to your interior. Meta is made from aluminum, with a shiny outside and a glittering inside. The difference between the outside and inside produces a varying impression of the same shade of color. A refined detail that discretely contrasts the clean design. The combination of the geometrical, capsular design and the attractive metallic colors borrowed from the world of fashion, gives Meta a dreamy and futuristic expression.The Meta family consists of five bowls in different sizes, inviting you to use Meta for many different purposes. The largest bowl is a natural for fruit or salad, while the smaller bowls can store anything from sweets to paperclips. The lowest bowl is perfect for decorative storage, for example of jewelry.

Design: Simon Legald

Meta is made of deep-draw aluminium with an anodized inside and a painted outside.

Size & Weight:
H: 14 x Ø: 24 cm 
0,611 kg
Wash by hand.

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