Mauviel M'Steel 24cm Round Frying Pan


The round frying pan is a must-have cooking utensil. Shallow, flared ledge and with a long sleeve, the frying pan is practical, easy to handle and very functional on a daily basis, for browning, sautéing and grilling. The frying pan is also used to cook various preparations, such as pancakes or omelettes.

It is a versatile utensil that is carefully chosen for healthy and efficient cooking; the high-end materials used by the Mauviel1830 manufacturer during manufacturing guarantee excellent performance and high durability.

The frying pan is used without a lid and mainly for bristled cooking.


  • SKU: 365124
  • Dimensions: 43cm x 24cm x 4cm
  • Capacity: 1.7 L

Usage & Care

  • Hand wash - with hot water immediately after use & then wipe immediately with paper towel, store in dry place.
  • Commercial grade durable product

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