Fratelli Guzzini

Guzzini Earth Bio Wasty Food Waste Caddy Milk White

Food waste caddy, a container with lid to collect the organic and compostable waste produced during cooking, made from antibacterial plastic which reduces bacteria proliferation, by recycling 4.6 100% post-consumer disposable plastic detergent bottles. The food waste caddy has a completely removable lid that can be opened and closed with just one hand, and which can be kept vertical when in use to receive waste more easily. There is also a handy hook on the back for easy portability or for hanging the waste bin on a kitchen drawer or cabinet. Dishwasher-friendly, it is really an excellent aid for people who like to keep their worktop clean while cooking.
Color Details Milk white
Dimension 21x18xh17,5 cm - capacità 3,7 Lt
Material 100% post consumer recycled plastic
Made for Nature Number 4.6

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