Circa Limited Edition Liquidless Diffuser Set


Limited Edition Christmas adaptation of our best-selling Liquidless Diffuser Gift Set.

Contains 1 x Limited Edition Raspberry & Rhubarb Scent Stems™ Refill, 1 x Coconut & Watermelon Scent Stems™ Refill, and 1 x Ceramic Holder.


Raspberry & Rhubarb is full of festive cheer with additional notes of Lime, Berry and Cream. Coconut & Watermelon shines with added Grapefruit and Musk.


Place your Scent Stems™ into the ceramic vessel, ensuring it is placed on a flat surface away from open windows or vents. Replace your Scent Stems™ every 30 days to refresh your fragrance or increase their strength. After 30 days the Scent Stems™ can be placed in recycling with other paper products.

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